Aquamat design and manufacture dog towels for dogs and with the professional in mind – dog trainers, groomers, hydrotherapy pool operators, dog walkers and agility competitors. Pet owners can benefit hugely from an introduction to Aquamat products including Aquamat Nonwoven Dog Towel and Tube Towel many of which you cannot find in your local pet shop.

Aquamat Dog Towel is a non-woven fabric designed especially for use with dogs and other animals. It is incredibly absorbent and is able to hold many times its own weight of liquid. It works with a capillary action rather like a chamois leather or a sports towel favoured by swimmers, which means it will work better when it is damp than when it is dry and that gives it a massive advantage over a conventional towel whether it is being used to dry a clean freshly bathed dog, a dog straight out of the hydrotherapy pool or even a dog which is muddy and dirty – gun dog and working dog owners are among the most dedicated Aquamat users!

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