Lissen Marschall CEO of Siccaro founded the company in 2013. company name, Siccaro (pronounced to rhyme with fi-ga-ro), loosely translates from Latin as ‘to dry’ – a function shared by many of Siccaro’s products, whether used by dogs or horses. The product name was inspired by the problem it solved: WetDog.

The Siccaro WetDog is the best dog drying coat on the market. It is made from a highly absorbent combination of viscose and organic bamboo fabric that can remove up to 80% of moisture within 15 minutes. Siccaro originally invented the fabric because their own dogs needed a good way to get dry.

It is easy to put on – even the locking clip can be used with one hand. You will love it after a dog walk in the rain, and your dog will love getting warm and dry with minimal fuss.

The organic bamboo fibre gives the WetDog anti-bacterial properties, in order to reduce the smell of wet dog in your home. No more smelly mountains of towels to wash.

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