The Canny Company

The Canny Company offers a small range of high quality dog products, including the famous Canny Collar, so that training your dog is both easy and enjoyable. All of their products are designed by experts and backed by their experience of dog behavioural training & education.

The Canny Company with organisations such as The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association, Canine Partners and the RSPCA to help train and rehome dogs, plus training groups such as the Association of Pet Dog Trainers to provide them with the tools they need to achieve the best results. The Canny Company also regularly donate to rescue shelters, dog charities and local training groups to help them continue their fantastic work.

The bottom line is the Canny Company want what most owners want, for dog training to be a simple and pleasurable experience. By investing in the correct equipment your training results can be achieved more quickly, allowing you more time together doing all the other fun stuff!

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